Bauer Vapor 2X Senior Goalie Catch Glove

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When Bauer released the Vapor 2X Senior Goalie Glove we were floored! One of the most advanced gloves Bauer has made, the 2X line has been one of our best selling catchers for the past 2 seasons.  One of the lightest out there, the 2X is constructed with Bauer's own Catchlite material that increases durability while saving weight. The one piece Free Flex cuff with Curv Composite technology and Faststrap system provides a free range of movement while ensuring a more secure and customized fit.  The single T pocket features a natural 60 degree closure for a more easy close on the glove.  The Max Depth pocket is built to limit "bounce outs" as the well of the pocket is cut a little deeper. The Curv Composite and Thermo Max liner adds protection, fit, durability and a better moisture resistant interior. Built for the intermediate to higher level goaltenders, the 2X provides a great option for those that want the performance of a pro glove without the price tag.

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