True AX5 Senior Goalie Stick - LEFT

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Brand new and sweet, the True AX5 goalie stick is at the right price for several levels of play. Taking some of the technology from their hugely popular player stick line, True has integrated the best of both worlds. Using the FiberShield, BRT+, Axenic and SmartPly technology, the AX5 is a well balanced and light goalie stick. The feel and response of the stick is outstanding. The shaft uses the FiberShield Axenic material that features nanoparticles that are able to redistribute the weight through the shaft for a more consistent construction, resulting in a lighter and more durable stick.The blade and paddle have a combination of FiberShield, BRT+ and SmartPly technologies that allows for a more true feel, better shot/pass release time and rebound dampening. And if you have ever felt the vibrations from a hard clapper, the AX5 utilizes its technologies to deaden that effect. Learn more about the True AX5 goalie stick.

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