CCM Axis 1.9 Int Goalie Glove

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Taking off from the Premier series, the CCM Axis 1.9 line of goalie gloves features improvements over the previous version Premier series.

With the tried, tested and true stock 590 closure, the break angle of the Axis 1.9 is close to a 60 degree break with a natural feel. The double straight T pocket adds to the form and function of the glove with an automatic off the shelf great game ready feel.

The protection is unbelievable. The layered core palm ensure better impact dispersal while maintaining the shape and comfort of the glove. It also allows for easier break in time without giving up function.

The fit of the glove is as you knw. The cuff is a one piece with a quick release strapping system that makes it very easy to tighten for that secure feeling. This also lets the arm of your chest protector slip into a comfortable spot without fear of having the glove being pushed off of your arm.

The back portion of the glove sees better padding with the raised foam finger padding for enhanced impact protection. With the Nash finger stalls, the comfort increases as the glove breaks in.

Learn more about the CCM Axis 1.9 senior goalie glove.

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