CCM Axis 1.5 Junior Goalie Pads

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New for 2020, CCM keeps on revolutionizing the goalie world with ever advancing products.  The new Axis line of gear is not going to disappoint.

A pre-curved design with a single inner break ensures that the pads are maintaining their shape while your movement changes.  The pre-curved design will allow for a better 5-hole seal when in the butterfly while the 90 degree boot angle with Monster strap bungee toe ties helps snap the pads back quickly when coming out of the butterfly. A stiffer core provides more aggressive rebounds.  And goalies love the CCM QMSS strapping system, which allows for better stability and a better fit while not sacrificing leg rotation. CCM has also improved the inside stabilizers and made them flatter for a better seal and easier transition from the RVH and into butterfly slides and pushes.

CCM Axis 1.5 junior goalie leg pads

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