Bauer GSX Junior Goalie Pants

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Built for the recreational or intermediate level goalie, the Bauer GSX Goal pant is a fantastic blend of form, fit and function at a great price.

The GSX pant replaces the Supreme S27 with key upgrades. The firs is the dual belt system. Used and preferred by the majority of goalie, the 2 belts will aid in securing the pants proper, and will allow for the chest and arm protector to be worn either inside or outside of the pants with maximum comfort and protection.

Bauer has also introduced the Dynamic flex system with the goalie pants having more of a hinged system where restriction is limited when standing, transitioning into and out of the butterfly or in the RVH.

The interior liner is the Bauer Thermomax which aids in moisture management and dry time. The liner tends to absorb moisture better and wick it away from the body versus keeping it on the surface of the pants.

Protection comes from Flex Pad hip pads that are better at absorbing impact over other priced point pants as well as the F1 thigh protector that moves with your motion while protecting you well against impact. Learn more about the Bauer GSX goalie pants.

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