Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Int Goalie Skates

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Built as an elite level goalie skate, the Bauer Supreme 3S Pro goalie skates flat out perform. Enhanced design, ergonomic fit and upgraded materials are key features of these goalie skates.

The construction features a 3D Curv Composite quarter package that increases stiffness in the key areas of the skates that need the most support. The Aerofoam ankle padding system is strategically placed to ensure maximum form fit and comfort. This material is also very receptive to the heat molding process and forms to the foot better than most foam packages.

The fit is also enhanced by the lower profile asymmetrical toe cap that takes away negative space within the skate that leads to a more secure and comfortable fit.

A 48 oz. felt tongue with exposed injected. metatarsal guard will give you a better fit that is more secure and accepts any type of goalie stance from the more upright to more crouched position.

The interior lining is a grip based liner that all but eliminates foot slip inside the skate. Key for those aggressive skating techniques that offers more stability in while doing C cuts or T pushes.

A Pro TPU outsole gives the skate more stability and durability by upgrading the materials.

Bauer's own Vertexx Edge holder allows you to replace the blades in an instant. a great feature to carry an extra set of blades if you are at a tournament or collapse an edge during play or practice. The increased height on the holder will provide for a more deeper goalie stance.

The steel runner is the LS3G+ stainless steel blade is taller by about 4mm over a standard runner that can give you a better attack angle in your stance and will also aid in your butterfly pushes and transitions.

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