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A Few Words About Hockey Helmets

A Few Words About Hockey Helmets

A few words about getting the right hockey helmet that is correctly fitted and protects you properly.

It is a rather broad subject, however there are so many different helmets out nowadays that we can all easily get confused. So here is a key point to consider while choosing the right helmet for you or your child.
1. Always get fitted by a professional that has been trained properly in distinguishing what constitutes a proper fitting helmet. And that is it.
There are a few basic rules that we at Majer Hockey follow to ensure that you are getting the right helmet at the right price.
It has to be comfortable but more importantly the fit has to be correct. The general rule is that the front edge of the helmet has to be near the top ridge of the orbital bone so that it maintains full coverage at all times. Many times we see a child come in for an adjustment on a helmet that sits half way up their forehead. That is not a proper fit. We allow some space between the orbital bone ridge and the front edge of the helmet, but it is minimal.
We always want to make sure that the helmet is also snug on your head with your forehead touching the front of the helmet liner. It cannot be too tight or it will be uncomfortable. Too loose and you can basically spin your head around like an owl.
Coverage for the ears vary from helmet to helmet. Most will not provide full ear coverage and stop about ¾ of the way down your ears. This is a fact of most helmets and there is no getting around it. Most pros remove the ear covers, however if you play any type of organized hockey, this is not allowed as it negates the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) or HECC (Hockey Equipment Certification Council – USA) approval.
Many parents think that a more expensive helmet is always the better choice and forsake the fact that it may not fit their child properly. The general rule is ‘if it fits, it protects”. Saying that, there is a popular helmet out there called the Bauer 4500 that many pros wear. It costs around $75. You may see it on some pros next time you are watching a game. It is the one with a cream coloured foam that you can see. The reason some pros wear it is that the helmets fits well.
Now we are not saying that you should all go out and buy that helmet. What we are saying is that pro hockey players can use a basic level helmet and be properly protected. We have always maintained the fact that helmets do not stop concussions or other head injuries from happening. But a proper fitting helmet will lessen the blow of a rotational impact (more hockey impacts are rotational versus linear like in football where head on collisions are rampant).
The more expensive helmets will have the latest and greatest technology such as foams, liners and multi-point adjustments. But that does not mean that they are the right helmet for you.
Get over it. Who cares if a helmet passes the “mirror test” and it looks good on your head. That should be at the bottom of your list. If you can get a helmet that fits properly, who cares what it looks like. Plus, manufacturers are in tune with what people are looking for and their helmets are designed to look the part.
At Majer Hockey, we always stress to our customers the importance of safety on the ice. At times, people have come into our shop and although their helmet seems to fit properly, their cage needs some work. Chin cups either too loose or no seated properly, cage parts such as J clips or front mount clips loose or missing, rusted hardware and loose side straps. A huge pet peeve of ours is when a customer comes in and purchases the perfect helmet. They go home and because their child’s helmet already has a cage, they are of the belief that they can just take it off their old helmet and install it on the new one. Although this can occur, there are many instances where the cage is either too short, too long or may not fit the newly helmet properly (in the instance of a CCM cage on a Bauer helmet).
What we always offer is the service of taking the old cage off you existing helmet an installing it on your new one, ensuring that is sits properly and all the adjustments are made prior to you leaving the store. It’s important. We want you safe on the ice and properly fitted so that you can enjoy the greatest game on the planet.
We cannot stress enough the importance of getting a trained professional to have you or your child’s helmet properly fitted. It is your head, which protects your brain. You only have one of those so spend some time and effort (and if you have to, money) to get a helmet that fits properly and is comfortable on your head.
We are always here to help you make the right decision about any hockey equipment that you may need. And our promise is to never sell you something that you may not need.


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