Choosing a Goalie Stick Paddle Length

Choosing a Goalie Stick Paddle Length

A quick guide in helping you choose the right goalie stick for your level of play, type of play and budget.

Many of you have a very difficult time choosing the right goalie stick for your style and level of play. There are so many goalie stick options to choose from, it gets really confusing. What we try and do is to better prepare you for choosing the right goalie stick when the time comes for you to take that leap.

So for many of our customers that come into our shop, the first question or puzzled look that we get is regarding paddle height. Our answer usually varies depending on what you are using, the comfort and performance level of the stick, if you have had any issues in performance, what you want in a goalie stick etc. We usually narrow it down to 2 sizes that we think would be more comfortable for you to use. One of our main goals is to ask if you have ever asked your goalie instructor of goalie coach about the length of your stick. It is a great place to start as he or she will better understand what you are experiencing, the positioning of your stick when standing and in the butterfly, your puck handing needs and how well you release passes or shots. It is always best to seek their advice prior to purchasing your next new goalie stick.

Paddle Length

Different manufacturers use different ways to measure goalie stick paddle length. We can always show you the difference between each manufacturer when you come into the store. For instance, we can tell you that Warrior goalie sticks will size a little smaller than most others by about an inch. So if you are taking instruction using your Bauer Ultrasonic 25 inch paddle and your instructor thinks that you need a 26 inch paddle but you want to give Warrior a try, then you usually have to go to a 26.

The key is to ensure proper comfort when you are in your goalie stance and proper coverage when you are in your butterfly. A general rule to follow is that with the blade of your stick positioned flat on the ice about 6 inches away from the tips of your pads, there should be about a 15 degree bend in the arm that is holding the stick. This ensures proper comfort and then when in the butterfly, proper stick positioning so that it is not too short and your blocker hand is too low. If the goalie stick is too tall, there is a chance that when you are in the butterfly that your 6-hole or gap between your arm and body is too much.

Did You Know?

NHL goalies are only allowed to use up to a 26 inch paddle. Here is a great article from In Goal Magazine.

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