CCM Tacks Classic Pro Junior Elbow Pads

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Exclusive to Sports Excellence dealers is the CCM Tacks Classic Pro elbow pads. Based off of the current model CCM Tacks 9080, these elbow pads offer key upgrades at the same price. For a more performance based elbow pad, the Classic Pro hits all of the marks. The protection is unreal, starting with the JDP cap with molded foam coverage for a lightweight, protective feel that disperses impact. The fully articulating bicep guard is built with PE inserts found in pro level elbow pads. The extended overage allows for a maximum protection area. The forearm material is molded PE that gives you optimal protection while mainting a lightweight feel. The inner donut where your elbow sits is based off of the CCM Tacks 9080 model for that added value. The strapping system is a combination of a Lycra mesh middle lock strap with an elastic bicep strap and nylon forearm strap. This ensures that the elbow is locked into place and definitely helps prevents slipping while maintaining a high degree of comfort. Learn more about the CCM Tack Classic Pro elbow pads.

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