Coveted A5 Senior Goalie Mask

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Coveted mask have quickly become one of the most trusted independent mask manufacturers in the goalie world. The A5 mask is one of our best selling masks at an affordable price. Without giving up protection, the A5 has become the staple for many goalies playing intermediate to advanced level hockey.

The A5 mask comes to you with variable types and weights of hand laid kevlar reinforced fiberglass bonded with epoxy resin shell. The single stage acrylic enamel paint is durable and leaves a very clean finish. A CSA Certified, Canadian made, stainless steel wire cage ensures maximum protection and a solid look. Using premium, pro grade, top quality stainless or nickle plated hardware ensures that the mask parts stand the test of time. The skull plates have an open concept design with the straps featuring a 1" black elastic, 5 point, hardware-less, open Pro style.  This allows for maximum adjustments while keeping the back plate open for design and/or personalization. The foam used in the A5 mask is a black, die cut, neoprene that offers lightweight construction but a great level of impact absorption. Learn more about the Coveted A5 masks.

 *All masks come with a free padded mask bag*

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