CCM Extreme Flex E4.5 Senior Goalie Pads

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One of the most used set of goalie pads ever made is the CCM Extreme Flex series. At a great price for a fraction of the cost of the pro series, the 4.9 has the same general specifications of their big brother pro. A single break outer roll with a pre curved single break core provides maximum flexibility and 5 hole coverage. A 90 degree boot angle with Torsional Flex will allow the goaltender to optimize flex in the pads for better and more efficient butterfly pushes and transitions. A deeper and softer boot channel gives the goalie better range of motion and flex. Moving into the leg channel, it features the CCM QMSS strapping system that is versatile and secure that gives you the option on how tight or loose you want to wear the pads. The knee blocks are multi density foam and have an adjustable velcro strap that can be placed directly behind the knee or on an angle closer to the top of the calf. Find more information on the CCM Extreme Flex E4.5 goalie pads.

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