Grit HTFX Hockey Tower Bag 36"

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Awesome for all your hockey gear needs. Takes up less space and sorts your gear out properly for easy access. With a compartment for each piece of your equipment, the HTFX is sturdy and very easy to transport. Being able to stand versus a traditional hockey wheel or carry bag, it takes up less space in those cramped dressing rooms. The shelving system is a dream as it is able to accept different pieces of your equipment in each slot. If you need more ventilation in your hockey bag, then look no further. The rear has increased ventilation that allows for more air flow throughout. Strapping is a breeze with shoulder straps and handles for carrying as well as a stick strap on the outside to help tote your twigs. External pockets also accept team logos for embroidery or screening, a mesh laundry/accessory bag as well as internal pockets for accessories.


height 36"/91 cm

Width 23"/58 cm

Depth 18"/46 cm

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