Hush Twin Iced Blanket 60x80

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Hush weighted blankets are more than just a blanket. Blankets cover you and help keep you warm, but the Hush blanket does much more. This blanket will help keep you cool by helping regulate your body temperature while still keeping you covered.

Designed to help you relax faster and better, the Hush blankets are 3 to 5 times heavier than your duvet and is proven to reduce stress and anxiety for a faster, deeper sleep, they are proven to help reduce stress and help regulate sleep patterns.

Weighted blankets have been scientifically shown to dramatically reduce stress and anxiety through its natural cortisol reduction effect to go from stress and anxiety to 100% calm.

The secret behind Hush blankets is DTPS, or Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation, which helps people fall into a deeper sleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up incredibly refreshed. DTPS helps reduces cortisol, also known as “the stress hormone,” while releasing serotonin “the happy hormone” and melatonin “the sleep hormone.” All this results in a deeper, more relaxing sleep.

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