CCM Jetspeed Xtra Pro Junior Elbow Pads

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An exclusive product to Sports Excellence dealers is the CCM Jetspeed Xtra Pro elbow pads. Based off of the CCM Jetspeed 370 elbow pads, the Xtra Pro offers additional features at the same price, so you are getting a better value for your money. The 3 piece segmented designed is built to maximize motion and to keep the elbow pads free flowing to ensure proper range of movement. The molded PE foam that is found in pro level elbow pads is offer in the Xtra Pro. Along with this, the Xtra Pro has Dry Foam Technology that helps absorb moisture to help keep you dry and comfortable and to reduce slipping. The strapping system is anatomical based with a neoprene middle strap and durable nylon forearm strap. This system is tested to enhance mobility while limiting slippage and discomfort. Increased protection is offered in the PE elbow caps and floating bicep guard. This allows for better impact dispersal and limits deep impact feel.

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