CCM Jetspeed Xtra Pro Senior Shoulder Pads

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The CCM Jetspeed shoulder pads are an exclusive product to Sports Excellence dealers. Based off of a the current model CCM Jetspeed FT370 shoulder pad, the Xtra Pro features key upgrades for equal value. For the performance based hockey player or for those that want added protection and comfort, this shoulder pad is constructed with a 2 layer front for an articulating fit that has PE foams found in higher level shoulder pads. The shoulder caps are low profile molded PE for better protection and lighter weight and a more tapered fit. The front torso, sternum and spine have vented PE foam that are anatomical to enhance fit and comfort. Biceps protection comes from an exposed molded PE cap with length adjustment for a more customized fit. Increased protection is offered from the floating PE plastic clavicle protector. With a removable belly pad for added protection, this feature can be removed and reinserted for growth. Learn more about the CCM Jetspeed Xtra Pro shoulder pads.

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