Bauer Nexus GEO Junior Stick 30 Flex

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WOW! The brand new Bauer Nexus GEO hockey sticks are unbelievable. The look. The feel and from initial impressions...the performance! The Bauer Nexus Geo Stick takes a chunk out of their ADV line of twigs and puts a great spin on it. The mid kick point on this stick makes it one of the most versatile on the market for quick load wrist shots, nasty snap shots, wicked clappers or lightning quick one-timers.

The new ER Spine technology utilizes Bauer's Advanced carbon Layering (ACL) and a 5 sided construction in the shaft that allows for the removal of excess material that makes the stick balanced and lighter but does not sacrifice durability. This technology also gives the stick a more cosistent construction which aids in performance. Put the technology together and the stick is able to load quicker and release shots faster in a more accurate manner. A true one piece stick, the GEO uses a molding process that eliminates the fuse point between the blade and the shaft.

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