Bauer Nexus N37 Int Stick

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An awesome price for a mid kick point hockey stick that takes a lot of the same features of the pro version Nexus Geo. The N37 has advanced technology with braided shaft for extra durability and response and a more balanced feel. An entry level hockey stick for the beginner, recreational or intermediate level hockey player, the feel of the N37 is better than most sticks at this price. With a softer blade core, the N37 is able to dampen passes and load pucks better and with that you get more accurate shots. A little heavier than their big brother GEO, the Nexus N37 stick is still lighter than most well priced sticks on the market. Looking for an entry level mid kick point  composite stick that looks and feels great? Then take a closer peek at the Bauer Nexus N37 hockey stick.

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