Bauer NSX Youth Shin Guards

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The Bauer NSX shin guards are an excellent choice for the beginner to recreational level hockey player. A great price for a shin pad that gives you the comfort and protection that you need.

Built with more of an anatomical fit, the NSX tends to fit a wider range of leg shapes and sizes. 

The face of the shin guards are a polycarbonate blend that will flex but not give letting the shin pads stay more rigid when needed.

Additional protection is offered from the mid density foams used inside the guards and knee extensions.

A calf wraps is also constructed with mid density foams with the strapping system attachments coming from a Y shaped elastic strap with Velcro closure. This strapping system will let you snug the shin pads as close to your leg as you want, limiting slipping or movement of the pads.

The liner on the NSX shin guards is hydrophobic mesh which means it will help wick moisture away from your body and help decrease bacteria growth.

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