Bauer Reversible Fabric face Mask - NAVY/TIE DYE

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Help protect yourself and others with the Bauer Reversible Fabric Face Mask.

This non surgical grade facemask is intended to be worn on a daily basis for when you are out in public or around others. 

Bauer has designed this mask in compliance with the Center for disease Control in the USA and Health Canada recommendations for non-medical grade face masks.

This mask is not a medical grade face mask and is not intended for use in a medical setting nor is it intended for kids under the age of 2 or for those that have difficulty breathing or have a respiratory illness or ailment.

Due to hygiene concerns, all sales on this item are final and no returns, exchanges or refunds are permitted.

For more information on this item, please visit Bauer's website on the BAUER REVERSIBLE FABRIC FACE MASK

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