CCM Ribcor Trigger5 Pro Intermediate Stick

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A new addition to the CCM hockey stick arsenal is the Ribcor Trigger5 Pro stick that has been one of the most anticipated sticks to launch this year. Have you been waiting for a hockey stick that will quicken your shot and make it a bit faster and accurate? Then the pro level Ribcor Trigger5 Pro is your answer.

A low flex kick point that will improve your shot release time, the Trigger5 Pro has already received great reviews from the professional ranks. Maybe because it is the lightest and most durable stick that CCM has made!!!

Booking in at about 365 grams, the Trigger5 Pro has the CCM Nanolite Carbon Layering system with their Sigmatex spread tow technology. Big words but this tech provides for a more consistent build, better feel, quicker load time and release and a more lightweight yet durable stick.

The shaft is an ergonomic construction that sees the top of the shaft more rounded to enhance grip and feel. The mid point near to where you would normally hold your bottom hand is another key feature of the shaft. It is a bit more rounded on the back where your palm sits while the front is squared off. This leads to enhanced grip and control as it follows the normal curvature of your hand. It also increases durability as it takes into consideration torque generated from flexing the stick, which in turns leads to a greater transfer of energy. The bottom or hosel area sees a tapered design to allow for more flex at the stick`s kick point for maximum whip.

An ultra lightweight blade with the CCM Nanolite Carbon Layering technology helps keep the blade light and stiff for better energy transfer while maintaining durability. They decided to better the toe end of the blade, making it a bit stiffer for better torque and improved shot accuracy. Get more information on the CCM Ribcor Trigger5 Pro hockey stick.

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