Warrior Ritual G4 Youth Goalie Pads

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Just a sweet set of goalie pads for your up and coming netminder.

Warrior has hit every mark on the design, feel, construction and performance on the G4 youth goalie pads. A lightweight design along with a slightly narrower build than most other youth pads, the G4 makes it easy for your young tender to learn the position.

An easy to use, functional and secure Velcro based strapping system lets your goalie feel secure in the pads but will still allow for proper leg rotation in the butterfly. Plus, the warrior Active Response Straps at the toe end of the pads make it easy for you to put the pads on while adding a more secure feeling to the fit.

The pads also possess the warrior Optimized outer roll that has been redesigned by Warrior to help goalie better seal the 5 hole and hug the post by changing the width and angle of the outside part of the pads.

And talk about light! The G4 is one of the lighter pads on the market so that your goalie can learn the position without having to wear heavy, awkward goalie pads.

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