Warrior Ritual M1 SR Int Goalie Stick - Silver/Black

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A great looking stick that performs, the warrior Ritual M1 SR goalie stick is priced well and offers better performance than most others at this price point. What you get in this goalie stick is a more durable construction due to the layering technology used in the shaft that gives it a more consistent feel.

The shaft features a grip zone where you hold your blocker hand while further up the shaft is a clear finish for better hand transfer when poke checking or transitioning into shooting. With the paddle taking a page out of their higher end sticks, Warrior chose to use their Minimus construction that is able to transfer force towards the lower end of the stick. This allows the goalie to release shots quicker, especially in tight situations. The beefed up blade uses a Minimus Carbon G800 material that is a little stiffer than most other goalie stick blades. Doing this allows for better and quicker deflections.

The M1 SR stick features different areas of grip that work well for poke checks and during play. The brightly coloured grip zone under the hand offers a raised tacky grip to keep the stick in your hand during play. If you need to slide your hand down the stick, Warrior’s SlideGrip technology, which is a raised matte finish on the shaft, does a wonderful job of reducing friction ensuring that poke check gets out as far as you intended.

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