Bauer Vapor LTX Pro+ Junior Shin Guards

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An exclusive Sports Excellence product, the Bauer Vapor LTX Pro+ shin guards have key upgraded components at the same price point for equal model products.

Based off of the Vapor X2.9 shin guards, the LTX Pro+ is an elite level piece of gear. 

With an X-Lite Shield knee and shin cap, the LTX Pro+ starts off on a great foot with the protection. The mid density foam plus molded PE insert is regarded as elite level protection. This provides an enhanced level of protection that is lighter than regular polycarbonate based materials.

The knee cap is also a deeper fit that allows your leg better movement and a more secure feel when skating.

Securing the shin guard comes through the Comfort Lock strapping system that wraps the leg better than most and will help keep you secure and mobile.

A removable comfort liner provides a better degree of versatility as it can be adjusted inside the shin guard and washed for extra bacteria control. The Thermo Max+ material also allows for better moisture management.

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