Bauer Supreme Ignite Pro Junior Elbow Pads

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An exclusive product for Sports Excellence dealers, the Bauer Supreme Ignite Pro elbow pads feature enhanced materials and better comfort at a great value.

Based off of the Supreme S29 elbow pads, the Ignite Pro offers upgrades on the materials used.

The elbow caps are built with a 2 piece anatomical construction the sees Bauer's Vent Armor foam that will give you a lighter performance package while staying lighter.

To aid in enhancing comfort, the Ignite Pro has the Thermo Max+ liner that is seen in the 2S. This liner allows better moisture management, dry time and more importantly helps keep you drier on the ice. While doing this, the liner does help in the control of bacteria growth.

To keep the elbow pads secure to your arm is the fully adjustable Y-Shape comfort strap with Velcro closure that helps prevent slipping while you are in those tight battles or take an impact. Your elbow also sits in a donut shape slot for added comfort and security.

The floating bicep and forearm guards are built with PE inserts to help lessen the sting of impacts from pucks, sticks or other players.

Built ideally for the recreational to intermediate level hockey player, the Bauer Supreme Ignite pro elbow pads offer value added enhancements at the same price as regular Bayer elbow pads.

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