CCM Super Tacks AS1 Junior Elbow Pads

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A gre4at addition to the CCM protective line is the Super tacks AS1 elbow pads. Designed for the elite level hockey player, the AS1 offers advanced level fit, performance, protection and comfort.

Comfort and fit is provided by and adjustable strapping system that takes 3 separate strapping areas and locks the elbow pads in place without restriction of movement. A more customized fit is the way in which you can raise or lower the straps to your preference.

Comfort comes from the internal liner and foams that has a softer feel while hugging your elbow, biceps and forearm in a secure manner while easing range of motion. The articulating design acts like a hinge on your arm that allows for freer movement.

Protection comes from CCM's advanced materials including D3O foams used in the impact areas that are very impact absorbent and lightweight.

The elbow padding is a molded high density foam that provides pro level protection and comfort.

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