CCM Super Tacks AS1 Senior Pants

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You want pro protection, enhanced fit, adjustability, performance? Then take a peek at the CCM Super Tacks AS1 hockey pants.

Using CCM's 400D nylon as the exterior material gives the pants the durability and lightweight design needed. The side panels are reinforced mesh to ensure better longevity in those key wear point areas.

The hip and kidney areas are very safe and secure as they use injected molded PE caps that provide you with pro level protection.

In the key impact area of the spine, you get a floating spine guard that is made with the CCM D3O material which is light and impact absorbent and does not affect fit or performance.

The pro level JDP hip caps along with D3O inserts were built with protection and comfort in mind. This level of protection is reliable as it tends to disperse impacts better than other high grade foams.

The thigh guards have floating Molded high density caps with PE Foam to combine lightweight materials that absorb and repel impacts.

The inner portion of the legs have a zippered slot that can be secured or loos for added mobility to enhance your skating stride.

An internal belt system keeps the pants secure around your hips while not feeling restrictive. And to cap things off, the pants are able to be lowered by 1" to compensate for growth.

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