CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro Int Stick

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Built to perform for the elite level hockey player or for those that want that competitive advantage, the CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro is a launcher of a mid kick point stick.

A stick built for pure power, the AS3 Pro has been redesigned from previous versions of the AS2 Pro to be a little lighter but more responsive. A softer mid part of the shaft was designed to store more energy for better stick load, which translates into more power generation upon releasing your shot. The stiff taper area designed on the shaft increases stability and function by giving you more torque in the flex point area. The CCM Nanolite Carbon Layering technology along with the Sigmatex spread tow technology allows for a more true construction throughout the shaft which leads to better balance while remaining light and strong. The shaft of the stick has the CCM T Shape geometry that is squared off and gives you a more traditional feel that is comfortable. The blade features the CCM ACU4 XX-Stiff Blade that also has the nanolite carbon layering. A better and more consistent feel on the blade maximizes release and accuracy.

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