CCM Super Tacks AS3 Senior Stick

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CCM has introduced their Super Tacks AS3 line of hockey sticks and we are floored!

The mid kick point stick has been improved over the previous AS2 line of sticks and comes at you at a lighter weight and more responsive. The mid point of the AS3 was built softer for better load time and release. To maximize power, the stick is able to store more energy at the kick point to ensure a harder and faster shot release. Utilizing CCM's carbon fiber weave provides for added stability and durability with a more true construction and balanced feel. The T Shape geometry on the shaft is a more traditional feel to the stick for a more squared off shaft design for a more natural feel. Staying with the stiffness package of the stick is the ACU4 XX-Stiff blade that is more consistent and durable than previous models. Designed for the competitive hockey player of for those that want a competitive edge without paying top model prices, the AS3 line of cues is a welcome addition to the CCM hockey stick family.

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