CCM Super Tacks AS3 Youth Stick

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Brand new for the 2020-2021 season, CCM is introducing an all new youth stick, the CCM Tacks AS3 Grip Youth Hockey Stick. This stick is designed to help young players develop, control and improve their shot.

The CCM Tacks AS3 Youth Hockey Stick will have a lightweight and super durable shaft, designed to help smaller hands get a feel for and handle a stick like its second nature. A sweet looking stick for your young hockey player, the AS3 youth hockey sticks looks very close to their big sibling AS3 Pro. With a full grip stick and a better shaft thickness for smaller hands, the AS3 is easier to handle with better control. CCM is using a stiffer blade for increased durability but is much lighter than normal youth sticks. A great stick to enhance your young hockey player's shooting technique and release.


20 Flex – 45"

30 Flex – 48"

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