Bauer Supreme 2S Junior Elbow Pads

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The Bauer Supreme 2S elbow pads have tons of the same features as the 2S Pro elbow pads but at less cost. A performance based elbow pad for the intermediate to elite level hockey player or for those that want more protection and range of motion. Bauer has included their AMP technology inside the elbow pads, which is a split cap design that gives you more mobility and range of motion. The IX Foam protection and IX Foam pods in the elbow donut provides more protection while not giving up on mobility. The bicep protection is unreal, having an HD foam and PE insert that is considered floating so that your arm does not feel bound into the elbow pad. The forearm guard is anatomically fitting with molded PE protection for a more uniform fit and feel that allows you to bend your arm with little to no restriction. The strapping system is secure and comfortable and easily adjustable. It is a Y-Shape comfort strap that crosses over the arm in spots that do not restrict. To make things more comfortable for you, Bauer has placed a comfort liner with Thermo Max+ lining and an IX Foam for that added layer of protection and comfort. Find out more information on the Bauer Supreme 2S Elbow Pads.

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