Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Junior Elbow Pads

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An anatomical fit tops off the Bauer 2S Pro hockey elbow pads. With the years passing, Bauer has advanced the technology put into their hockey equipment to make it lighter, more comfortable and more protective. The bicep of this elbow pad is considered "floating", which means that the hinge is segmented to increase mobility. With Bauer's own CURV composite material as the main level of protection, the elbow pads are augmented with Poron XRD foams. This gives the elbow pads a maximum protection level that is extremely lightweight. Using their AMP technology, Bauer has improved the fit, comfort and level of protection by making it more protective with better range of motion. The forearm features CURV Composite protection and more of a full wrap construction for optimal protection level against stick or puck impacts. The strapping system that holds everything in place is Y shaped that ensures the elbow pads are properly secured and maximizes slippage while not feeling bulky or uncomfortable. The y shaped design allows the straps to sit away from the flex point in the arm, which limits that Binding feeling. The liner of these elbow pads is a floating comfort liner with Poron XRD foam and ThermoCore lining. The Poron protects while the ThermoCore helps keep you dry and comfortable as it repels moisture and decreases bacteria growth.

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