Bauer Supreme 3S Intermediate stick

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Brand new for 2020, the Supreme 3S stick is one of the more anticipated hockey sticks to come out of Bauer. With the Supreme feel you have come to know and love, the high kickpoint stick is a beauty for those quick snap shots or slap shots. With Bauer's own Maximum Power Kick technology (MPK) Technology the energy transfer is optimized as the stick will flex higher up on the shaft. 
A lighter stick than the previous version Supreme 2S stick coming from the UD Carbon construction that maintains durability while decreasing stick weight. A more squared off shaft built with DuraFlex resin allows for the walls of the stick to be a bit thicker, thus adding to longevity. Using a high pressure mold for construction, the 3S stick maintains its consistency right on down to the 15K Carbon fiber blade with  Aerofoam I blade core.
The 3S stick is ideal for defensemen as it allows for more punishment in front of the net or in tough corner battles or for forwards that want added durability for their tough front of net skirmishes or those nasty one timers.
Available in several different curves and flexes and left or right hand shots.

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