Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Youth Skates

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Taking a page from their 3S line of skates, the 3S Pro youth skates offer a better construction, stiffer build and top level of performance than lower priced skates. If you want one of the best skates for your young hockey player, then these fit the bill.

Built with an anatiomical fit, the Supreme series of skates fit a wider range of foot shapes. With heat molding, the comfort of the skate is increased.

The 3S Pro skate is built wiht Bauer's 3D lasted composite material. Along with the Comfort Edge padding that you see in hig end skates, the skates offer a reduced weight and better feel as the skates form into the foot and offer more supprt while in transition or turns.

Adding to the comfort and performance of the 3S Pro youth skates is a 30 oz felt tongue that will decrease the chance of lace bit or a loose fit.

Moving to the interior of the skates, Bauer has included their Lock-Fit liner and light memory foam ankle padding to make the skates very receptive to the heat miolding process as they tend to hug the foot and bring it back into a great heel lock for added support.

The holder/runner combination is integrated, meaning that you cannot replace the blade separately.

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