Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Int Hockey Stick

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JUST PLAIN WOW.  The new Ultrasonic stick from Bauer has us all floored with the way it feels, flexes and looks. 

The Bauer Supreme UltraSonic stick uses a lightweight Asymmetrical TeXtreme carbon fiber shaft and books in at 20% lighter than traditional sticks in the same category. Using the Bauer Advanced Carbon Layering or ACL construction as well as the DuraFlex resin material, the stick is built by reinforcing key areas to improve stress points and durability. A true one piece stick, the Ultrasonic squares off the shaft for better feel and control.You thought you were done with the shaft and then BOOM!  The Sonic taper hits you with a very unique, yet thought out design.  The 7 sided taper that encompasses the hosel of the stick, just like their huge success ADV sticks. Doing this lets Bauer remove some heavier material but incresae strength.  A win win when it comes to a high performance twig.

Moving to the Fastcore blade with ACL, the Supreme Ultrasonic stick has a lighter blade than previous models but add in a better blade core and the stick becomes a rocket launcher. The blade is able to absorb more energy, thus increasing release speed.

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