Bauer Vapor LTX PRO+ Junior Skates

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The LTX Pro+ skates are an exclusive product to Sports Excellence retailers. The LTX Pro+ takes a base model X2.9 and throws it some key upgrades at the same no additional cost.

The LTX Pro+ uses the Performance Flex System with a 3D lasted Tech Mesh quarter package. This will give the skates great durability and will take well to the heat molding process for a better break in time and form fit.

The Comfort edge Padding located in the ankle area is designed with materials that form into your foot shape and helps lock the heel into place, reducing movement inside the skates and giving you that secure feeling. 

The Lock Fit lining on the inside of the skates is as seen on the Vapor 2X skates and is a durable, moisture wicking material that repels moisture away from the skates to help keep you dry.

The asymmetrical toe cap provides more support but with less negative space inside the skates to provide you with an overall better feel and performance.

The Pro Stock 48oz felt tongue with injected metatarsal guard is the standard on higher end skates. It adds stability to the foot while still letting you get into a deeper skating stance and not feeling restricted.

With a Form Fit+ foot bed lined with memory foam, the comfort you get in these skates is enhanced.

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